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Paypal ONLY!! Read BEFORE buying!!!

Paypal ONLY!! Read BEFORE buying!!!
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Paypal ONLY!! Read BEFORE buying!!!

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I am only accepting payments via Paypal. You have to pay me with Paypal balance, credit cards or Apple Pay (via store) linked with PayPal will not be accepted.

Ultraviolet is dead! None of my movies are sold as UV movies. Fox and Universal do not give UV rights anymore. 

TV Shows are not MA!

Vudu movies: 
Please be aware that non of my codes are listed as UV (Ultraviolet = a thing from the past) anymore since this is a service which will not be advertised as such anymore.
If you are still using UV and want to know if a movie is UV: please check at vudu or ask us before buying. If it is still listed as UV is has not been changed yet. 

All iTunes direct redemptions redeem 4K if iTunes is offering the movie in 4K. Ask if unsure and we will check for you if a movie (foxredeem code) has an iTunes option.
If a code is listed as (iTunes HD or 4K) it only redeems at iTunes. 

Google Play: 
All Google Play codes redeem directly at GP. Unless via HBO or foxredeem. 

Sony codes: Sony points are not included! Shipping time: this shop is a hobby and we are delivering via email within 24h! Please check your spam folder!
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